Q: My Porsche is a daily driver, and perhaps not in showroom condition.  Can I still take it into the show?
A: Absolutely!  All that we ask is that the car is clean and in a presentable condition.

Q: Are non PCA-CWR members eligible to participate in the event?
A: Yes – non-members Porsche owners are definitely welcome, so long as they go through the established registration process. As such, this event is an opportunity  to introduce non-member Porsche owners to the PCA – Canada West Region membership with the hope that they might want to join us.

Q: Is the drive up Cypress mandatory?  I’m happy to sign up for the display until I:00 PM  but will not be able to take part in the drive after that.
A: The drive up Cypress is entirely voluntary, as much as we hope that most of the  participants  will take part in it and join us for the photo session at the top of Cypress.

Q: Do I have to offer a ride to a member of the public, or can I take a family member or friend in the drive up Cypress?
A: Offering a ride up Cypress for a donation to Cystic Fibrosis Canada is entirely voluntary – but we hope you do! And there would be an expectation that – in light with the spirit of the event – there will be donation to Cystic Fibrosis for the person you are taking along, even if this is a friend or family member.

Q: Will my existing ICBC insurance coverage be sufficient to take my car up Cypress Mountain during this event with a member of the public?
A: Yes – definitely.  The drive up Cypress is not a race or a rally,  but expected to take place at legal highway speeds while observing all applicable MOT regulations.  If you adhere to those rules, no laws will be broken and your insurance coverage should apply as usual.

Q: I want to participate in the show – do I have to stay with my car all the time?
A: Cars need to be parked for the static display by 10:00 AM with the  expectation that you will leave it there until 1:00 PM when the display ends.  But you are free to take a break any time, away from the display while your fellow Porsche owners will keep an eye on your car for you. In all previous years the public has been extremely well behaved with respect to not touching cars, etc. so there would be very little to worry about.

Q: I have registered for this event. What time should I arrive with my Porsche to set up for the display in Dundarave Village?
A: Porsche owners who have pre-registered can start setting up their cars after 8:00 AM, as at that time the good people from BA Blacktop will have closed off the curb lanes on the 2400 block on Marine Drive in both directions. Ideally, all cars are in place by 9:45 AM, and you can count on the assistance of fellow PCA-CWR members to help you angle-park your car back to the curb in the designated area. Please report to registration tent after parking your car; you can find it in front of Delany’s Coffee House again. There we will ask you to sign the mandatory PCA waiver, pick up some information about the show – including about the route up Cypress – and your copy of this year’s event poster!

Q: Can I take part in the event without pre-registering?  I’m just not sure if I can make it that so may have to wait until the last moment.  
A: Yes,  you can take part in the show without pre-registration – so long as on the day of the event you register your Porsche at the Registration Desk and have provided us with your license plate number and have signed the PCA waiver. But if you are planning to participate, it would help us a lot to pre-register from a planning and organizational point of view and will make things less of a last minute hassle at setup time prior to 10:00 AM, as well as guarantee you a place in the show as there is a limit to the number of cars we will be able to accommodate. Cars found in the designated display area that haven’t been registered will be towed away by the West Vancouver District in compliance with our event permit and insurance regulations.

Q: I have a Porsche I want to sell – Is it OK to put a For Sale sign on the car if I register for the event?
A.: Sorry, NO For Sale signs are allowed, discrete or otherwise, either inside or outside the vehicle. This is a PCA event dedicated to raise funds for a charitable cause, and not meant as an opportunity to market your vehicle to the public. While Porsche Centre Vancouver will have new Porsche vehicles on display, this is consistent with being our title sponsor and their general support for all PCA events.